Merry Christmas!

First off all sorry that I haven’t been posting lately but I went to New York and had so much to do for school. So here is a little blog post!


Aren’t you all excited for Christmas? Well I certainly am!

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I absolutely love it when it’s a white Christmas because it’s cold outside and your inside with some hot chocolate or tea. We can’t forget the ugly Christmas sweaters and some fluffy socks, right?

On Christmas eve (24/12) it’s just me, my mother, my step father and some Gourmet. Just us 3 together, nothing else. Then, on Christmas day it’s mostly a diner with the family of my mother’s side but no presents but that’s okay.

On the 26th of December we celebrate Christmas with the family of my step father’s side. Well, this day is actually my favorite because it’s almost the whole day and there are more Christmas presents than you could imagine. Last year we had about 153 present under the Christmas tree. We have some kind of system, every present has a sticker with a number on it and we have a little cup with cards and the same numbers in it. The first person picks a card and the youngest one of the family (me) will take the present and give it to the right person. It continues like that for 3 hours or more and that’s why we do it in parts of X presents.


How do you celebrate Christmas?

Much Love

Laura xxx


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