You Can Sit With Laurence

15535506_1206942262732621_9183479220968357888_nMaybe you know her, maybe you don’t but this girl is just amazing. I’m talking about Laurence from You Can Sit With Laurence of course. She is my all time favourite blogger!

Laurence is a 22-year old ‘digital media manager’ at Thomas More Mechelen. Her official hobby is cheerleading (8 years) but she’s also a coach of the youngest group. Besides cheerleading she loves to read, taking pictures – as you can see on her beautiful Instagram.

Laurence started blogging because she loves to share pictures and stories, not only that but also because of Instagram. She has been active from the very beginning. After a while she decided to start writing, the way she practised for school and did something she loves with all her heart. That’s how You Can Sit With Laurence was Born #YCSWL

I always wanted to start blogging but I did not know how.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-05 om 19.05.58

Most of the time she tries to do her own thing, she loves discovering new things by wandering and visiting new places. But like a lot of bloggers, she also gets inspiration from Instagram and other bloggers. They are an inspiration to her.

I asked her who her fashion icon was and it was an easy question for her, it’s Paulien Riemis. She always loved Paulien even when she was in high school.

Paulien is so natural, she looks amazing in everything and her style… just wauw! I have always been jealous of the many times she gets to travel the world looking fabulous as hell.

Like a lot of bloggers she loves to blog because that’s how se can express herself. Laurence is a shy girl but for the past few years she became more easy-going. Instagram and WordPress are platforms where she can really be herself. Now she’s trying to transfer this to real life, but like she said, it takes time.

She has a really beautiful blog and the pictures she takes are just perfect. That’s why I asked her how much time she spends on her blog.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-05 om 19.06.51

Creating the content takes longer than putting it in a blog post.

First she plans all her blog post for the upcoming month. That’s something I probably should try to do, I have to make more time for my blog. She tries to stick to her schedule, most of the time it works but sometimes it’s hard with school, then she reorganise her blog post.

secondly, she does some research to ge inspired or to find important information.

I think she’s a really organised person.

A lot of people lose themselves because o social media. That’s so sad, you’re perfect the way you are. You don’t need to follow every trend to keep up. Just be yourself, that’s more than enough. This is something very close to my heart, and it gets me pissed when I see people changing because they have more followers now. Don’t let it go to your head.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-05 om 19.05.35

During high school she was afraid to dress the way she wanted because she thought people wouldn’t like her style. WHen she started with Instagram, people actually liked it and she became more confident about her clothing style. She also learned to speak up for the things she believes in.n

Some advise from Laurence:

Do it for yourself, and most importantly stay your true self. Don’t change into someone who you’re not. It won’t make you happy.



Who is your favourite blogger?


Much Love

Laura xxx


Instagram: @laurageeresns & @teafortwo2800

Twitter: @geerens_lorre

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