The Time Is Now

The past can be beautiful. The present can be exciting. A memory, a dream. The time is now.

Yesterday I received a beautiful watch from Violet Hamden for a collaboration. Violet Hamden isn’t just a company that sells watches, they tell an inspirational story.

Violet Hamden represents a conscious lifestyle. Enjoy life and make beautiful memories. Follow your heart and be curious! The stylish watches consist of two lines: The Nowness Collection and the Day & Night Collection.

The watch comes in a cute dark blue box. In the box are 2 cards, a card with inspiration and a card with instructions for the watch. You also get a long small journal. Of course you get the watch to! Now there is a special offer that you get a cute bracelet.



The company stands for quality. Their watches are handmade by specialized watchmakers with passion for their subject. They work with quality materials and provide two-year warranty on all watches. Their jewelry collection has also been designed with great attention to detail. In addition to the story behind their products, they consider quality and affordability important. With Violet Hamden, you are conscious of a stylish and inspiring fashion item that you can enjoy for a long time.

Time is not catching, we think back to a certain feeling, a memory or a dream. Be aware when you rise in the morning, perform your rituals, meet friends, travel to work or discover the world. 

I got the Nowness Black Iron Black (€99). It was so hard to choose between the watches because I love them all. I always wanted a black watch and I’m so happy that I got one. I’ve never been so in love with a watch as now. Violet Hamden’s watches are so beautiful and elegant.

You can buy new watch straps to have another style that matches your outfit. I’m really going to buy some straps later on and maybe even a new watch, just to have another kind of style like a white one.

You can also buy your Violet Hamden watch at




What kind of watch do you have?


Much Love

Laura xxx


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