Marly’s Ghost Book review

Love and I once had a great relationship, but I fear we’ve broken up. It cheated on me.

Like you know or maybe don’t know, I really love reading books especially English books. As a kid I never really liked reading. When I was in primary school my mom used to read my books because I really hated it.

Well, they say ‘all things come to an end’ and it’s true because in the summer of 2014 we went for 3 weeks to America and I took 1 book with me, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I saw the movie before and I thought lets give it a try. This book got me and from then I started reading. It is a book of 400+ pages and for your first book, that’s really impressive I think.

My boyfriend hates reading but he went on vacation to Greece and asked me to recommend him a good book for someone who doesn’t like to read. I immediately thought of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. Not only because I’m a big Harry Potter fan but it’s not a large book, it’s easy to read and it’s actually a book for kids. To my surprise he actually read it and liked it. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

marly-s-ghostI recently finished the book Marly’s Ghost by David Levithan. I actually read it 2 times but one time to the middle and another time just 20 pages or something. Now I finished it and loved it so much.

What’s the book about?

the book is about a 16-year-old boy named Ben. His girlfriend, Marly, dies of cancer at the age of 16. He feels like his life is over and the prospect of Valentine’s day without her fills him with bitterness. But then Marly arrives – or at least, her ghost does – along with three other spirits. From then on Ben must take a journey through Valentines past, present and future – and what he learns from the spirits will change him forever.

I love this book so much, it just teaches you a lot and just the last sentence of the book really hit me. I almost started crying of it. The characters are about the same age as me so you can really live inside the book because of that. Everyone should read this book!

I read it in English and I think you can buy them only in English but that good for your languages. The book was written by David Levithan, co-author of Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green. The book has 166 pages with somethings a little illustration.


What is your favourite book? Leave a comment down below



Laura xxx

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