Life changing

I can see that I’ve changed over the past year not only visual but also in my mind. I see things with a different point of view. There are still things I want to change but I’m working on it or at least trying! I want to change my life and live healthier and just live a good life.

  1. Straight back

I noticed that when I sit I bend over. I just ‘hang’.   It’s really bad for your back, I know. So from now on I’m trying to sit straight against my chair. It’s really hard to do because the chairs at school aren’t that good and when I try to sit straight it only hurts my back but I’m still trying.

    2.  Drinking water

I never really drank much water as a kid, mostly sodas like Coca Cola. When I’m packing my things for school I only take a bottle of water with me, no soda. I’ve noticed that now that I’m drinking much more water than before, I have to go more often to the bathroom and it’s so annoying. I know drinking water is good for everything like for your hair or migraine because I have a lot of migraine.

     3.  Giving everyone a chance

I’m trying to give everyone a chance no matter how you look or what sexuality you have. Well, I give everyone a chance but I’m not giving 5 chances. It has to come from the other side to.

 4.  Fitness

I really want to lose some belly fat, like for a summer body but not only for summer. It’s not that I’m fat, actually I have underweight, but I still want to work out. I just don’t have the courage to go, maybe I’m just to lazy, but I will do it…



What are you planning to change in your life? Or what did you change?


Laura xxx




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